10 Days Since We Launched

Where to start? Well it has been a pretty wild ride over the past ten days, and we thought we’d share some of our journey up to this point, some interesting stats and where we thinking about going to from here.


The beginning

Many don’t know this, but this site was built by one of my good friends (Madi) and I. We had been needing a ‘creative detour’ from our regular work and for a long time had wanted to create an eCommerce store and sell something that would appeal to a niche audience. designerConfessions-1Around the same time, Madi had come across a blog post by Josh Johnson over at creative market that had been shared far and wide within the design community. Jokingly we said to eachother that someone should sell those posters of Josh’s. We had thought that the designerconfessions.com domain name would most definitly have been taken, but we checked anyway. It was still available to our disbelief. We decided in about 5min that we would buy the domain, set up a store contact Josh about selling his designs and have the whole thing up and running within 24hrs.

The reality

As often happens with a startup and in starting any business in general you get dealt many curve balls early on. Long story short we got word that we would not be able to sell the posters that Josh had blogged about, and we almost decided to call it quits.

After another brief chat we decided we would pivot (the beatuy of nibmle startups) and create our own designs and sell them as T-shirts. We roped in some of our designer friends and created our initial launch collection. We were now about 40hrs in to the build. All was looking good.

We launched

So we had set up the site, products, did some tests and were about to make it all live. I don’t know why we didn’t at the time, but I’m glad we didn’t make it live just then as I had another idea – a small one.

I sent a mail to Fergus (one of our  designer friends) and said I wanted to create four more T-Shirts inspired by Josh’s blog posters. A few  hours later we had the new designs inspired by four of the posters. One final check and in a very uneventfully way I made the site live. It was 11pm and I was ready for bed. Just before I headed to bed I tweeted Josh,  sent a email to Adii and went to bed.


Around midday the following day I received a PayPal notification. Weird. Still not sure why, I logged in and saw that we had made our first sale. Weird. Opened up Google real time analytics and saw there were 30+ people on the site. Very Weird. Checked the referral source and saw Product Hunt was sending all the traffic our way… wait what? Product Hunt!

4  Product Hunt


Without any warning or email or anything, Adii had hunted us. We ended the day in 4th place on the Product Hunt home page. WOW!

The day after that we found ourselves chatting to Zack – Creative Market Marketing Manager – about how we could team up and offer our customers value (If you have not seen it yet, go here to get 10% off anything at Creative Market) Since then we have been featured by bloggers, tweeted about, made sales and all the while loving every second of it.

Whats next?

Built by designers and for designers. We want designers (all types) to be a part of what we are doing. So we included the option for designers from anywhere in the world to submit their designs to us which could potentially be featured and sold in our store. If their design sells they make money. Simple.

We are also looking into perhaps expanding our product lineup to include posters and coffee mugs – We know how much we all like (or don’t like) our coffee. 🙂 Our aim is to release a new design every week, so be sure to keep an eye out for the new stuff. Will you let us know what you think about us extending our product lineup?

Finally, from Madi and Myself, we would like to say a huge  “Thank you!” to you for sharing the love and our site, submitting your designs and being a part of our community. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and tweet your confessions using the hashtag #designerconfessions. If you want to shoot us a email you can mail us at hello@designerconfessions.com.

Much love!


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