Black Friday. Just Like Everybody Else.

Coupon Code: BF10DOLLAR

Hi there fellow creative. Fellow designer. Fellow awesomely talented individual. Well it has been a while since out last post but that does not mean we have forgotten about all that is #designerconfessions. One thing we notice is that around this time of your our inboxes fill up with BLACK FRIDAY deal after deal after deal… after deal. Some are good and others leave us wondering if it is really a deal at all…

So we thought we would jump on this wagon just like everyone else. ALSO its OUR first Black Friday with all of you. Yay! Lets make sure we make it memorable, right? So in the spirit of being thankful for our humble journey so far, and to set the bar as it should be in terms of Black Friday Deals we are running our Black Friday deal from RIGHT NOW up until Tuesday, 01 December, 2015.

Whats the deal?

We are giving you $10 of EVERY tee you purchase. So that means if you buy 10 tees we will give you $100 discount. Nice!!

Use coupon code: BF10DOLLAR on checkout and take advantage of this goodness.



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