First confession

If you reading this  – there’s is a good chance you have either seen the posters on Creative Market, or come across some of the subsequent #designerconfessions tweets. As a bunch of designers we were able to quickly create a list of our own #designerconfessions after seeing the Creative Market post and decided to have some fun and include some of these, with a bit of design and print some t-shirts, posters, totes and mugs as a small side project! We would love you to be a part of this movement, and you can be.

Take a look at the current designs in our shop – if one of them resonates with you, or sums up your designer friend great – then please buy it 😉

If you have some #designerconfessions yourself that you would love to see on a t-shirt – then please consider submitting your design. Take a look at our submission criteria and earn 50% on all your sales – We will take care of all the production, shipping and customer queries. You just do what you are good at and make a Kick-Ass design of your confession.

Here’s to having some fun and wearing your #designerconfessions with pride!


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