Meet Ian Paget: He is the Logo Geek

We’re stoked to introduce ‘Featured Designer’, a series of posts featuring designers and the stories behind their #DesignerConfessions designs.


So kicking things off, a talented logo designer and proud creator of LogoGeek, he has a day job, but it’s what he does in his free time that he loves best 🙂 We hope you enjoy meeting him and you can find his Tee’s in the shop right now! Enjoy!



Hey, so what’s your name & where in the world do you live?

Hey, I’m Ian Paget and I’m from the UK. I live in a town called Reading, which is about 30 minutes train ride from London.

What do you do for your daily grind?

I’m a graphic designer. I work for an ecommerce company where I design websites and anything visual the company might need. I manage the team too so it can get a little crazy at times. In my free time I run Logo Geek (yes I’m a workaholic). It’s my own little side business as well as a social media group for other logo design nerds like me.

What is it that you love to hate about design?

I find it fun spotting and whining about Comic Sans. I hate Comic Sans, but appreciate it’s actually good type design too. It’s so widely used incorrectly, and it’s fun being a little snobby about that. It was only a week ago I stopped using a photo printing service at Tesco because it was using comic sans! I walked away in discuss complaining to my partner about comic sans… I think she’s a little fed up of that though 😉

What is it you love about design?

I love that I can create anything I want, and can make peoples dreams a reality. Being a designer is like being god. We’re awesome right?

Whats your go to design application?

I love Photoshop. It does everything.

Whats your favorite pantone / # RGB value?

I don’t really have a favourite colour, but right now I kinda like #D00D1E. It’s a nice red and says doodle at the same time.

What is the worst & best experience you have ever had with a client?

I remember getting an email on new years eve at 11.55 from a client demanding work by a specific date, and being really quite aggressive… We never agreed any of this at any point. The projects was delayed by them, and they repeatedly made endless changes too. I was totally reactive, and the client had been pleasant up to this point so it was a shock. I can only imagine they was having a really bad New Years Eve. I tried not to let it bother me, but it ruined the rest of the evening. It was that whole jekyll and hyde thing that seems to crop up from time to time, which I’m sure every freelancer is well aware of.

The best experiences are when you and the client are totally on the same page, and they appreciate and respect your decisions, and ultimately ‘love’ what you’ve done for them at the end. One that comes to mind is a logo I designed for a company called Battily in West Africa. The client struggled with their english so it wasn’t always easy, but they responded to emails quickly, left me to it, then picked one of the designs presented right away with no changes. The client gave the best testimonial I could have asked for too – they really, really loved it! They are so proud of their logo as most other companies in the region operate without any identity. I ended up getting an award for that design as well. It’s moments like that which make all the effort worth it.

Where can we find some of your best work?

You can check out some of my personal logo design work on

Tell us about your #DesignerConfessions / T-shirt design/s?

I’ve designed 3 confession t-shirts, and had fun designing them.

The first is “I miss pixel perfect web design”. Let me explain why… I’ve been working with web design for half of my design career. For years I’ve been able to design pixel by pixel, and then would AmericanApparel_MissPixel_Whitepass the artwork over to a developer. You could create anything, and I felt like I had mastered it. Then someone came along and created responsive web design. I love responsive. It’s really quite amazing. But here today it’s made web design a little boring. Boxes, with a big image and text in the middle anyone? I miss pixel perfect web design… when designers could be more creative.

I had a lot of fun designing the ‘pixel’ typography using illustrators ’snap to’ grid. It reminds me of the NES games I played when I was a kid, especially the central word ‘perfect’. I then found a beautifully illustrated curved typeface to compliment and contrast with the hard edges. I proud of the finished thing.

The next tee is “Bad kerning kills me (& bothers nobody else)”. It’s sadly quite common to see bad kerning. I remember recently being in a hotel during a american apparel__asphalt_mockup_badKerning work trip and their logo had a massive kerning issue. It really bugged me… but nobody else noticed it… it didn’t bother them at all! I pointed it out to my boss who only noticed after I spotted it.

At first I wanted to design a tee with bad kerning. Just a simple one. But… it looked ugly! My original confession was actually “I hate bad kerning” but… as I hate bad kerning I decided to work out a way to make the dodgy kerning part of the design. “Bad Kerning” kinda sounds like a bad guy from an old western, so I thought it would be fun to design around that idea. Anyone who’s a designer will get it, but people who have no idea what Kerning is will interpret it in their own way.

My 3rd and final tee is “I drive faster when passing a bad logo”. It does what it says on the tin. I drive quite a AmericanApparel_DriveFastBadLogo_Silver lot, and am quite horrified by the terrible design on vans and lorries. Sometimes a design can be so awful it’s easier just to drive a bit faster to pass by… I stick to the speed limit of course…

How can we connect with you (online)?

Find me on twitter – that’s where I hang out mostly. You can find my logo geek account @Logo_Geek where I tweet cool design resources, or my personal account @ianpaget which is a little more random. I’m on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ too if you want to track me down.


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