Submit a Design

Earn some extra bucks for your next Starbucks Frappuccino.

This site was made by designers for designers. We know there are those of us out there that have our own ‘confessions’ or quirky anecdotes that only other designers may understand.

If you would you like to see your confession or anecdote on a #DesignerConfessions T-Shirt then submit your design. If chosen  we will feature it on our site for sale. We will take care of all the production, shipping and customer queries. You don’t need to worry about anything else. At the end of every month we will send you a check for 50% of the NETT profit made on the sale of your T-Shirt that month. Sound awesome? You’re welcome.

Here is what you need to know about preparing your artwork.

  • First thing you need to do is download the OFFICIAL MOCKUP and guidelines.
  • Use RGB color space
  • All colors should be in RGB. Whites should have a RGB value of 254, 254, 254.
  • Backgrounds must be transparent
  • All colors that appear in the artwork will be printed.
  • PNG files are best – if creating a 150dpi or larger PNG (at actual size) file isn’t possible, use other file formats like PSD, PDF or TIFF.
  • Please outline your fonts – all fonts in the print files should be converted to outlines so you don’t have to send over the font files.

Finally, you acknowledge that by submitting your design you are also agreeing to these terms of service.

If you have read the above and are ready to upload your artwork, go right ahead!

For now just send us a preview of your design (3mb max, JPG/PNG/GIF). If chosen, we'll ask for your artwork later. Download the OFFICIAL MOCKUP PSD and use that to create your submission, if you haven't already.

*Please be patient while your file uploads and is then sent to us - you will see a green confirmation message below once completed.